Hyperinflation Soon



So many of us posted about hyperinflation as an obvious stage that is coming during an economic collapse.  I am noting a trend in news (mainstream and alternative) suddenly where everyone is warning of a coming hyperinflation and saying that the Feds are preparing for it.  Thus, we need to make sure we are prepared ASAP.  I can’t say exactly when it will drastically happen, but perhaps it has already slowly begun.  I had many dreams about hyperinflation and collapse, starving people and chaos.  The warning signs are here and we need to heed them.  A famous preacher that I like to listen to (who used to be a minister to the elites )warned that during the collapse there will be plenty of food on the shelves but no one will be able to afford it.  I anticipate scenes worse than the great depression coming soon, made even worse with all the recent immigrant underclass that has penetrated the boarders and caused a taxed increased welfare state to already be in place ahead of the hyperinflation.  Get ready!