Executive Order Banning Russian AK-47s Will Lead to Violence



I mentioned multiple times that Obama will sign executive orders that lead to violence and some of them will include gun bans.  Here is is, just as I warned, Obama has signed an executive order banning  sales on Russian Ak-47s, READ HERE.  Meanwhile they are training to fight Americans in the even of civil unrest during gun confiscations.  I suspect foreign troops will come into assist with these gun confiscations.  I don’t personally own one of these  particular guns but am outraged at the unconstitutional nature of this order.  Obama should be tried and put in jail just for this order.  I live in Texas and I know people who own these and no one I know is turning them in when they make strides to take this a step further!  I noticed there is a sale on those hunter posts that hang in the trees lately at all the sports/hunting stores and have had visions/dreams of hunters in small towns hiding like snipers all around and resisting along with militias.  This executive order is a test run and if they are successful they will create more orders until they finally ban all of the weapons.  They might confiscate then start banning other guns ‘because of resistance.’  They want a Civil War and here are the war drums.  If anyone thought I was nuts talking about this before I want to say it is all coming true, slow by slow, stage by stage and will only get worse.  They obviously want to go ahead with their terrible NWO plans.  All the tiny towns across the USA and all the militias and especially the South will not let them steal our freedoms and make us slaves.  They have underestimated gun culture because they so successfully created fear of guns in some trendy places and on the media.  I see them going after more guns and resistance and war.  The militias need to round up the people violating the Constitution and arrest them and put them on trial.  This is like Nazi Germany; don’t be stuck on the wrong side ‘following illegal orders’ because you will be brought to justice in time.  Keep your oaths and do the right thing.  This website advocates non-violent resistance and points out the potential for violence in hopes to stop it; we hope to pray violence away and help advance the infowar as well as warn people of danger.  This illegal executive order is a historical atrocity of injustice, which signals the first step; there are more illegal executive orders pending which will get more and more absurd and lead to violence as they push to enforce unjust laws.



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