Eid Warning



I hope this doesn’t happen but it is itching me so I am going to write it.  Liam warned about a false flag attack on July 27 or 29.  The thought came to me that Eid this year is around that time; Eid Al-Fitr is expected to be on or around July 28, 2014.  Historically the Israel/Palestine always heats up during Ramadon and often there is blood shed on Eid.  The news in the Israel/Palestine right now is disturbing me and I keep seeing the black cloud of energy over that area.  I think there will be some sort of note worthy violence/false flag or bloodshed that is treasonous and terrible and a crime against humanity around this date.  Maybe this is when they are planning a major attack on Gaza or something.  I really don’t know if it is even here or overseas but I feel something.  I hope people can pray it away somehow because I don’t like the feeling I have.  I just want to warn for you to look out for safety concerns from July 27-30 all over, especially in the States and the Middle East.  If something is executed during this time it is part of a greater evil plan, a false flag or some sort of step toward something worse which signifies progress on the part of some kind of NWO agenda.  I really hope and pray this time period amounts to nothing.  I would avoid crowds/crowded or possible target areas at this time.

UPDATE: This has been fulfilled as now EID has passed and indeed all hell broke loose with bombings in Gaza.  Israel bombed a mosque and and a hospital on Eid.  As a friend pointed out, that is like bombing a church on Christmas.

This will continue and all hell will break loose on the next EID which is around the corner.