Chinese Astrology Behind Murrieta, CA and Border Patrol Rebuke Obama

Residents of Murrieta, California have recently been protesting and stopping Homeland (In)Security buses transporting illegal immigrants and dumping them in their town. According to the following article, DHS was supposed to send in riot police to depose the lawful protesters, but Border Patrol agents raised hell basically told them to go to hell. I will explain how the Chinese astrology system relates to this. There are 12 signs (energies) in the Chinese astrology system. Each sign, as with everything in nature, has an opposite sign (energy).  One enemy sign combo is the Sheep (aka Goat) and Ox.  Obama was born 8/4/1961 during an Ox year.  Murrieta, CA became a city 7/1/1991 during a Sheep year, and US Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of the Border Patrol, was formed 3/1/2003, also during a Sheep year.  They both revolted against Obama, again born in an Ox year, and sided with the US Constitution which was first created in 1787 (during a Sheep year).  Obama=Ox, US Constitution=Sheep (that’s why Obama doesn’t like the Constitution, just like how Hitler=Ox ignored provisions of the Treaty of Versailles=signed in 1919 Sheep year).  I would consider this typical and unsurprising, form an energy perspective.  The next Sheep year is 2/19/2015 to 2/7/2016.  It is during this time that Obama will likely be impeached and/or lose power and a strong nationwide rebuke of him can be expected.  It should also be a great year for the US Constitution (again created in Sheep year)