Attack on African Americans



Yesterday I posted about a wave of racial unity on the horizon as a backfiring of the NWO race baiting.  I am very disturbed today when I read THIS ARTICLE about the US ARMY training to take on African Americans and ship them to FEMA CAMPS during civil unrest.  I already discussed the abortion eugenics attack on African Americans.  Could this training be a more obvious attempt to bring back slavery?  All colors of people will unite and stand up against these tyrants and their evil plans.  This disgusts me to the core that our government would overtly train for something like this.  No one is going to permit this.  They are going after so many groups right now and no one isn’t on the NWO terror list.  I think the African Americans just made the list because they are vocally standing up for their God given rights and they remember their history where they were deprived of their rights.  They are pointing the finger at Obama as a traitor against African Americans; he betrays everyone but especially his own.  This training will also backfire and cause racial unity for human rights/freedom and Americans united against NWO slavery!

United We Stand; Divided We Fall.


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