A Note to Our Authors

Hello everyone.  This is just a note to say our site must have attracted some attention recently.  We get a lot of PSYOP negative remarks.  I increased the spam filter to get rid of those people.  I didn’t delete anyone who is an author.  I did delete my personal twitter, for personal reasons.  If you were on it, it wasn’t you- I deleted it. I didn’t delete anyone from facebook or block any of our authors!  I love you all and if you are having an issue with a comment posting I think it will resolve soon.  Just want to let you know its not anything personal against any of you.  We are doing a good job and our blog is very popular.  On our last sight we had hundreds of thousands of views a year and we are set to do better on this blog so keep the faith.  We have so many views from so many countries I had no idea we would be so popular but I think people want to hear the truth about our visions/dreams/thoughts.  Please keep posting!  Let me add that if you are an author you can post without approval/ comment without approval.  Other non-authors need to make an account and have their comment approved if it makes the spam filters which just ban negative ip addresses and certain phrases xxx