Were do we go from here

Were do we go from here.

via Were do we go from here.

By Johnny Magick

Were do we go from here

I continue to write because of the wishes of my dearest friend Fefe love.she wants me to post my prediction.so I will.I see the U.S with a weak president just trying to bide his time till the next one takes office.sorry.he’s not going to escape his fate as. Being the president that gave us word war three.Israel knows it’s alone as well as the rest of the US allies.Russia knows Obama is Putin’s bitch.the U.S. has the greatest useless military in the world because of a weak spineless leader.I see a big.the greatest attack conning soon.terrorists will use our fuel trucks as weapons in are great city’s as weapons of mass destruction.combined with cyber terrorism to shut down are internet and infrastructure.in a coordinated attack.on our homeland,as. Well as abroad.many will perish.the government will have to attack an seize the supplies of the Americans that stockpile food and weapons.they will be heless in defending themselves.because of weapons that Will kill them with microwave weapons as well as new virus strains that have no antidotes.there stockpile will be taken over as government domain.the government will let as many lower class people perish.the. wealthy and important will be safe.but the. 12th counsel that governs this planet .Will destroy the evil ones hiding under ground in their thought to be safe havens.