Executive Orders Lead to Civil War




I don’t mean to beat a dead horse but I am still feeling/seeing executive orders on the horizon which will lead to Civil War.  I think it will be a plethora of actions which are completely unconstitutional and an overt attempt for Obama to become a tyrant.  I think it will involve guns, immigration, communications/media and perhaps carbon taxes/fake global warming.  I am thinking some sort of radical power grab is about to take place in a make it or break it type scheme.  Either they want a Civil War or they want a tyrant.  I saw an article today about how people are alarmed over Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions, read HERE.  Sorry I keep posting this prediction in different versions but I am sensing an increasing tension on this issue….it feels like a crowd of people jumping up and down and makes me nervous as it is a giant wave of negative energy.  I think many empaths can feel it right now, the time between now and these events is quickening.  I’d like to think that it isn’t a slippery slope but I know these things will transgress.  I don’t know exactly how bad they will get before they improve.  Each day that goes by before this part of the pattern comes is positive because more people wake up and organize against it, more whistleblowers and good people take sides.  They are aware a resistance has formed and I think they are hastening these events which are in conjunction with greater war/economic collapse.  Sometimes I get stuck looking in one direction and don’t focus on the rest of the picture but what is getting my attention right now is illegal executive actions causing Civil War.



2 thoughts on “Executive Orders Lead to Civil War

  1. Maybe you’re not stuck looking at one direction, but maybe the direction in which you’re looking , may be the impetus for much needed positive change. Reading your post, I was reminded of a very spiritual family member who use to say that “We appreciate the light if we didn’t at least have a glimpse of the dark”.

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