Typhoon Glenda: Nightmare Next to Haiyan

I kept watching the sea, since my location is is coastal site of Babatngon, Leyte, Eastern Philippines, Region 8, where currently as of this writing typhoon Glenda is threatening us to be the second nightmare to Haiyan, storm surge are huge and very strong winds is now attacking us. The sea water is dropping until my house, I felt very depressed today.





I am so desperate that climate change always affected my locality. My psychic views on this post awareness is widely important in contributing to disaster preparedness plan. Very sad, we are again facing calamity and unstable life, what a world I live in…




2 thoughts on “Typhoon Glenda: Nightmare Next to Haiyan

  1. hi divino, sending you lots of luv and positive thoughts at this time, the storm will pass so stay strong tomorrow is a new day.. hope your ok, stay safe xx

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