This Is Why The Stock Market Hasn’t Crashed Yet


On the Know the Next website last year, I predicted that the stock market would crash in October of 2013. It didn’t. However, the US government shutdown dropped stock market points and would have been the deal that did the country in had it not been averted default. Almost every interest group was ready for this collapse and preparations were well underway to insure its success. Only one group of people worked to stop this crash before it was allowed to take place…that being the 1%.


Stock market crashes are used as a way of swindling money from the lower classes to greatly benefit the rich. The problem with imposing a market correction now is that, with millions of Americans still struggling from the last crash in 2008, stock market participation by the masses is at an all time low. The only people who would be negatively effected by another plunge would be the wealthy and powerful. Since they own 80% of the stocks, they would stand to lose more than the masses they are trying to rob from in such a scenario. This is why the proposed global catastrophe has been held off indefinitely. This is also why we have seen the incredibly suspicious and unnatural bull market taking hold in recent months.


The elite have been trying their best to reign people back into the stock market. They have artificially raised stock prices to lure the masses back into their rigged game. Despite record low employment numbers and diminishing returns in practically every area of commerce, the suspicious rises should be avoided at all costs. This is due to the government artificially pumping money in to give the illusion of success. Meanwhile, they are attacking pension plans, savings accounts, bonds, metals and other forms of investment in order to deter people from using them to grow their wealth instead. Do not fall for this rigging of the stocks and the reaping of the alternatives. If you are currently invested in stocks and have made a profit, sell now. Otherwise, hold onto your liquid assets and wait for the inevitable fall of the bloodline families empire; for this is why I’m not worried about another stock market collapse happening in our not too distant future.


While the elite are failing to swindle new customers back into the market place, the time for this bull market to bear fruit is coming to an end. Eventually, the debt created to make this farce a successful one will reach its limit. Very soon, the government will no longer be able to print any more money to suit this artificially created demand. When it finally runs dry (anticipated for October of this year; not so coincidentally right before the mid term elections), only the elite will sustain any losses since the public has not been, and will not be, fooled by their deception any more. When the elite are on their last breath from their own self inflicted demise, that will be the time that civil war commences in January of 2015.


One of the most recent things I have heard from the spiritual world is that “war is coming to your country very soon.” Within the next seven months, our country will enter its second civil war while the rest of the world will be pertaining with the ever greater crisis in the Middle East. By 2016, the world you have once known will never be the same again.

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  1. the stock market will be crashing soon very soon war is on our doorstep as far as civil war my personal opinion is i am not totally shore on that one, the best thing one can do now is stock up on long lasting foods you will need it unless u want to eat bread every day with nothing on it

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