Ron Paul Spiritual Doubles Rising to Power



I did a reading on a dear personal friend of mine and saw in his future a great ability to change the system; indeed a great political future. I cannot say right now who this person is but he is sort of like a ‘spiritual double’ of Ron Paul in his thinking.  I also realized that right now people are being positioned into places where they will be inserted into political positions to restore the Constitution.  I saw that it isn’t just my friend but its a movement of many upcoming individuals whom you will hear about starting in the upcoming elections and for the next several years.  Some of them might begin subtly but its a movement of Ron Paul type spiritual doubles taking power and changing things for the good.  I felt quite hopeful when I saw all of this and wish I could reveal more at this time but all I feel I should say right now is this message of hope.   I don’t know how to better describe my reading/vision but I literally saw ‘spiritual doubles.’  Perhaps this means a spirited movement of change due to several inspired people who share a similar thinking pattern of goodness and human rights; love of freedom.  As my friend was talking and said ‘I love freedom’ I got a wave of wonderful hope and kept seeing these spiritual doubles sharing a mission of freedom.  This is more than a vision because I was told some notable things which I cannot share now but this is good news of hope.



4 thoughts on “Ron Paul Spiritual Doubles Rising to Power

  1. WOW!!! How exciting!, i totally believe you miss fee, as it’s happening here, certain politicians have been placed in our government to bring down Abbott.. i’ts very exciting, finally the balance is starting to be restored. It’s gonna take a long time, but hey it’s starting!.. :0)

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