My first try at mediumship

I think this was my first try at mediumship, but I’m not sure as this seems very familiar.

A spirit, that I think was a teenager, her name was on a chalkboard…it said “Simone” or something, but not sure about her last name.It started with a “J”She possessed me during sleep, but she didn’t give me that drilling sensation on my upper back like the others, I think she was a good one. I was kind of reluctant and terrified because of my previous experience with “those” type of spirits(words invite things).I would get sleep paralysis and they’d pierce my upper back…many times I thought I was gonna die from the pain.At nights I fear going to sleep, sometimes.But back to the story,


I think she told me she was murdered, and I asked her “how”…she wouldn’t say, either because she was embarrassed about it, or she had a feeling I already knew.I thought she was killed by her boyfriend, or something.How terrible is that?

I think she tried to tell me her story via dream.She’s desperate for help.I don’t trust too many spirits so I eventually turned away because I started to feel that drilling sensation again.



7 thoughts on “My first try at mediumship

  1. they cant get in if u have one of them on. Another medium told me if anything it can help with psychic development ,if u do daily meditations that is how u can fully switch it on if u have the gift avoid sugar and u need to be tea total though the period of doing it.

    • Oh, okay. Thanks for advice man!I currently cannot meditate because of the current condition of the place I’m living in.You cannot focus.

      I seem to be able to do multiple of things.So many different things, Idk what to do.As for the those things, they’ve been dormant and haven’t been bothering me.This is the price of gifts, i guess.

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