Back-and-Forth dreams…

Does anyone else get dreams back-and-forth or back-to-back?


A piece of one dream, then a piece of another dream…back-and-forth?I believe that can also happen when a spirit is trying to give you a message while having another dream.I think certain dreams have more “strength” than others, so it’s like they battle to be recognize.I just had two dreams back-and-forth.


Back-to-Back is after one dream ends, another one comes, but you know it’s usually completely separate. I


5 thoughts on “Back-and-Forth dreams…

  1. This is funny. Yes I have this. Johnny Magic told me the funniest thing the other day. He said in a dream he was baking something and the oven was on but he woke up before turning off the oven; he was afraid to go back to sleep and return to the same house to find the oven had started the house on fire. lol. I often have a dream and then wake up and the dream returns but sometimes from a different perspective.

  2. I do get back to back dreams where one dream relates to the next. Sometimes I get them months or even years apart. The flood/tsunami dreams I have gotten have been related and I seem to come back to the same places. I think sometimes I get more nuggets of information until the dreams come to pass. This was so with a dream I had years ago about going off of a particular bridge. I had it several times until one night I was able to avoid that exact scenario in reality. No one would have believed me but the person with me who was a natural skeptic knew about my dreams and happened to witness me avoid an unforeseeable wreck on the other side of the “hump” that had just happened. If I had stayed in the lane, then I would have gone through the side rail just like my dreams. I still give thanks for that one!

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