Funny Dream: Obama



I have never seen the above photo until I googled for it after I had this inappropriate dream last night.  Honestly, I wasn’t going to post it but everyone who heard it thought it was funny and I should post it so here it goes: I dreamed that Obama was spanking me.  The worst part was that I liked it.  I was writing a book called “Love and Hate; the Manipulation of Emotions in American Society.”



2 thoughts on “Funny Dream: Obama

  1. LOL! yeah that is funny :)) it sounds to me like the dream is.. well besides sexual, your inner fear of being dominated by men, and wanting to be submissive to them at the same time. That’s just my take on it tho..It’s like you have a love hate sort of situation in your life, and you want to be in control but you fear being punished for standing up for yourself, hence the spanking.

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