Dream Interpretation Request: Silly Dream?

white muskratI have a lot of dreams I don’t post.  Someone suggested to me that perhaps they have a meaning and this one was entertaining so here it goes—does anyone know what this means?

I bought a huge pickup truck with ground effects (I am not the sort of person to like this).  The brakes were faulty and I had to pull over.  While I was waiting for the rescue people I saw a cave and went inside.  All these white muskrats came to me and wanted to be petted and were very friendly.  Stupid dream or hidden meaning?  Why muskrats?  Not like its high on my list of ideas….my son Gabe thinks “democrat means demonic rat” but IDK I don’t think that is why the muskrats were plaguing my dream.


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      1. He was saying that he feels he’s not good at dream interpretations, and asked me to try interpreting.

  1. Maybe it means that something you originally didn’t like you will learn to like? I did some research and read that muskrat in a dream means a “repulsive attitude towards something. Something that you originally found repulsive, you will begin to warm to, or someone/thing that didn’t like you is going to warm up to you.New interests.

    .You mentioned a pick up truck with ground effects, which you don’t like, but were driving inside one. You found a cave, a cave denotes being lost or looking for something. Perhaps you are looking for an interest, or something “new” and you will eventually find it.

    Either you will find a new interest, or someone will finally warm up to you.These muskrats might represent people.

  2. Hi FefeLove,
    This dream has a great and also simple meaning. It shows if you go to your spiritual shelter(cave) and pet your hidden magic talent(muskrats) then the magic will be awakened easily.
    The huge pickup truck here means you care about a lot of people then your dream shows if WHENEVER and WHEREVER you get problem because of caring a lot of people then you just need to go to your spiritual shelter and awake another magic talent you already have it.
    God Bless You.

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