Building Collapse Prediction

Building Collapse Prediction. I have been doing meditations daily for the last two months now and most times I meditate I see an image of  The Gherkin sky scraper building in London. I have been seeing this image for quite some time now and recently I have been seeing images of this building collapsing. Years ago when having one of my many spiritual encounters I asked this spirit some things regarding the future and one of the things that was said is that the gherkin building (that did not exist back then) would collapse due to some structural problems. I have seen a documentary that the Gherkin was featured in. They mentioned that the structural supports of the building are on the outside. I have done some research myself and there is some structural support on the outside of the building with a diagrid  frame load baring supports and some in the middle but not like most conventional sky scraper buildings where all the main support is in the middle of the building in a concrete core. So that makes this building different to most others. And that is where I think the structural problems will arise from. And I think some time within the near future this building will collapse.

With my predictions and all others there is a free will factor that can change future events by 30%. So the probability of this prediction coming true is 70%. However considering the past encounter with a spirit telling me about this building collapsing years before it was built and seeing this building within my meditations –  I think this event happening is most likely. I hope it does not. 


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  1. 🙂 of course. I look fw to reading your posts and comments. You can also post videos. I like this format 2. BTW of course you have the right to post your thoughts wherever you want! They are your thoughts/dreams/visions. We don’t make money off of this site, we are just friends and there is no copyright. I just hope our site helps people. Welcome! 🙂 xx

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