July 27th Update


I’m finally ready to share what I fear might happen on July 27th or the 29th. On the Know The Next website, I made a prediction about a bombing at Rockefeller Center that would expose foreign interference in American affairs and lead to radical changes that precipitate war. After seeing this image of the “Manhattanhege” solar alignment along Rockefeller Center, my fear is that this astrological alliance is timing for this event to occur in the next week or so. Please pray that this does not happen and please keep an eye out for any news that could be used to stop this false flag in its tracks. Thanks.



4 thoughts on “July 27th Update

  1. You said this event will expose the foreign interference in american affairs.Therefore, we shouldn’t be praying that this “doesn’t” happen, but that innocent people won’t die/get hurt as a result.Praying for this not to happen, will simply just postpone it.That’s my opinion.I feel like it needs to happen to spread awareness.

  2. There are other ways to bring awareness without having this bombing happen. That’s why I hope it doesn’t occur.

  3. That is also true, but sometimes I feel we shouldn’t always look for the easy way out of everything, but still pray innocents don’t get seriously hurt or die. Destroy to build a new, is what I say.I just hope people won’t be so distracted.

    Meh, what do I know…

  4. I have another idea about this time frame. Eid Al-Fitr is supposed to be on the 28th ish or thereabout. Could be a little sooner? Later? I have been getting a feeling that a false flag will be in conjunction with the Holidays but not sure which one.

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