Alternative Healing Thru Divination

Certainly, centuries defies unhealed ailment. Yet still, many diseases continuously breed with different forms/kinds of viruses erupted throughout the 20th century. Some are not well defined, some rooted from one origin but to Middle East countries, years from 2014 and beyond will have newly discovered diseases which are viral borne. This is where the unsolved cases of diseases will be treated through Divination Healing seen from 2014 and beyond…


Psychic will be more aggressive by last quarter of 2014 and beyond in divination healing through spiritual and by the use of some tools to assess the existing problem like tarot cards, s crying bowl, runes, astrology & tea leaves.

divination 2

Social changes are highly adoptive like using divination tool in healing. There may be queues in its efficacy but psychics and healers do continue to serve their communities by diagnosing, prescribing healing treatments and solving problems. What concerns through this process is what this psychic performs and demonstrates divination rituals which directly affect therapeutically into the healing process. This however, divinatory experience may seek to analyze epidemiology as an epistemological system, as social process, and as a therapeutic endeavor.
In the traditional cultures of Filipinos, always the findings of the investigation of the case reinforce traditional assumptions on the importance of social control, spirit relations, and community support in the whole divinatory process with an alternative work of knowing. Thus, divination and healing is a rich source of both data and insight for scholars of ritual, religion, medical anthropology, and the psychology of altered states of consciousness.