Dream Last Night

So I do not dream often. But my dream last night was crazy wicked! Puzzle pieces falling…..all face down. Each piece over turned one at a time but never actually came together. Illegals crisis was one piece…..but I do not see children as we are told. I see late teen early 20’s young folks. I see gang bangers and bodies riddled with illnesses not even discovered by our medicine yet. I see citizens becoming ill and I see a government so self absorbed allowing everything that they see reason to order martial law through out the country….then I woke up. I dread sleeping.


4 thoughts on “Dream Last Night

  1. Why do u dread sleeping?afraid of what you might see or feel at night?

    I was like that at one point. I’d often wake up feeling a presence or overwhelming feeling that, of course, I could never describe with words.Or even sleep paralysis, then a feeling of something drilling my back.Sleep is not how it use be, haha.Its like a spiritual battle..some nights I get a nice safe sleep, though.

    Do you have these recurring issues during sleep?

  2. Are your dreams are prophetic, and that’s why you don’t often remember your dreams and are afraid of waking up? My Mom had many dreams that were not only glimpses into future events, but upon waking up, she would still be experiencing the same dream. It took many years before she started to remember her dreams, and she started to control what occurred in the dream state by being fully cognizant of being in a dream. It took a lot of practice, but she was no longer afraid of dreaming, and her dreams didn’t continue upon her waking up.

  3. I am not sure why I dread sleep. The older I get the worse it gets. And once in a while I remember what I dream. My family gets upset with me because what I dream and what I remember usually sets my mood for the day. I have dreamed stuff that does eventually happen. So did my dad and so does my son. I’m guessing currently I dread sleep because I don’t like what I am dreaming. I don’t like the helpless feeling.

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