Demonic Dream; Children in Danger



I had a dream last night that was clearly demonic.  I get these off and on in my life and they are always different but I believe some sort of negative entity is communicating/having a presence.  In my dream there was a baby in a crib, old enough to talk but still looking like a baby.  I saw her talking to someone ‘who wasn’t there.’  (I used to do this as a kid, so says my mother).  Then she kept holding up her hand like she was touching someone.  I asked her whom she was speaking with and she said, ‘the blue eyed lady.’  I began praying and said out loud ‘Blue eyed lady, if you are from God and love God you may stay but if you are evil I command you to leave in the name of Jesus.’  The little girl said the lady promptly left.  In my dream I was left feeling like some sort of demonic presence wanted to harm and come to children.  I googled blue eyed lady demon and some strange stuff came up, I never googled this one before.  I happen to agree with several religious figures (from my inward sight) that there is an increased evil presence right now.  I keep getting warnings that the evil presence wants to harm children.




4 thoughts on “Demonic Dream; Children in Danger

  1. Fefe, it shows your strength and consciousness in your dream. You could decide to act in your dream and change the dream to see its truth. It is hard and it shows your spiritual strength.

  2. I have felt for Years that the Video Game Industry is secretly Hypnotizing young adults to commit murder, especially the Games that are Internationally played. and then they don’t Know.. Why, they did it. It is demonic. The baby in your dream is a symbol of Innocence of the Young. The Blue eyes (not sure why Blue) Is a symbolic too.

    • I agree. All the mass murderers are big video game heads. Interesting they want to ban guns but promote random gun violence in these games- the games should be banned not guns. And creepy meds should be banned.

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