There are many arguments about human consumption on meat red, white or processed. But the queue lies if it is good or bad or something immoral to eat another living creature. My psychic analysis is that why human do started to eat dead animals in the first place? No matter what the animal, we find a way to convert it into easily managed lumps of flesh which we couldn’t get enough of it.


The main nutrients we get from eating meat that we don’t get anywhere are iron, zinc and vitamin B12. The meat eaters have much higher levels than the veggies, because the iron in meat is much more readily absorbed than any iron in vegetable material. While for women, zinc is very important in meat which has higher concentration of nutrients than in any vegetable materials and is much easily absorbed too.

Vegetables aren’t rich in zinc, a trace mineral essential for many body functions. Yet when picked before maturity, fresh cowpeas — such as black-eyed peas — have the most zinc of any vegetable commonly eaten in America. Africans regularly cook cowpea leaves, which may offer greater promise as a vegetarian source of zinc. However, cowpeas and many vegetables containing zinc also have chemicals called phytates, which interfere with absorption of the mineral.
What is then the implication of this issue to my psychic predictions? As when the year 2020 enters, human will be likely to be more carnivores than veggies. I am saying this because climate change would have huge affections in plant grows, new breed of pesticides and other related forming pests will be borne to destroy if not hinders plants growth.

By year 2020, the effects on plant diversity will be dominant due to climate change:
– Species ‘left behind’ as they are unable to change distribution fast enough.
– Species with long life cycles and/or slow dispersal are particularly vulnerable.
– Some isolated or disjunctive species are particularly vulnerable, as they may have ‘nowhere to go’. These include Arctic and alpine species, and Island endemics.
– Coastal species which will be ‘squeezed’ between human settlements and rising sea levels.
– Plant genetic composition may change in response to the selection pressure of climate change.
– Some plant communities or species associations may be lost as species move and adapt at different rates.
– Increased invasions by alien species may occur, as conditions become more suitable for exotic species whilst native species become less well suited to their environment (for example, Bromus is more invasive in wet years (Smith et al, 2000)). This is especially true given human interventions which have deliberately and accidentally facilitated the spread of species across the globe.
Many plant communities act as ‘sinks’ (store carbon), which helps to offset carbon emissions. However, over the next 70 years, the effects of climate change on plants mean many terrestrial sinks may become sources.
While the year 2020 most human vulnerable to be more carnivores because of encroachment by human development into naturally eating carnivores than to be veggies.






7 thoughts on “Carnivores-vs.-Veggies

  1. Hi Devino, Awww I’ve only in the last few months or so, have given up meat, as it was making me feel really sick. I look at it now in that photo, and i got a gag reflex lol. Sorry, i know a lot of people love meat, and i used to too, but, seriously, i just can’t bring myself to go back to eating it again. I just have took at it and i feel nauseous. I was starting to see little lambs bleating at me when i would eat lamb, and i just couldn’t do it, That’s what started me on my journey too (plus with miss fee’s help as well), being a veggie eater. I take a multivitamin , and a high potency b vitamin. I hope what you say doesn’t happen, i couldn’t go back to eating meat, i just couldn’t..

  2. sorry devino, i’m a female, I’ve been male tho in many lifetimes, but in this one i’m defiantly a girl i have all the bits to prove it lol.

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