Manipulation of Christian Sympathy; Using Churches




Warning: The government is using Christian Churches and manipulating Christian teachings to further their propaganda.  This manipulation is becoming apparent in a variety of ways and will continue.  Catholic leaders will continue to make statements against this manipulation.  First, the government has infiltrated many Christian Churches through financial manipulation and is controlling their leaders so that they agree with the agenda of the government and say that it is the correct Christian way to behave/think.  Second, the government is openly using Christian sympathies to further their agenda, for example, the open boarders.  I just read this article about how they are saying that Christ himself was a refugee, read here.   Christian charity is a wonderful virtue and YES Christians are called to have a ministry to the poor.  However, this charity does not mean that you purposefully create an endless welfare state and open boarders as they are currently doing for their own exploitative agenda.  Let us recall many verses such as this that warn against some sort of endless welfare system which is NOT loving and NOT charitable:

2 Thessalonians 3:10King James Version (KJV)

10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

One of the most influential Christian thinkers of all time, Aquinas wrote excessively about the proper role of government, not as a tool to provide material benefits to people but rather to PROMOTE JUSTICE.  Here is a lovely article about the political thinking of Aquinas.  This is a warning of increasing religious manipulation which only worsens the current problems in our country and political system and serves the NWO agenda.  Do not be brainwashed into thinking that as a Christian you should believe the government’s current illegal open boarders or propaganda is somehow religious or a proper expression of justice for human rights.  They cannot create a human right’s crisis and then offer their solution like they are loving without their agenda being glaringly obvious.  The core of the problems right now centers on justice/human rights.  The bottom line is the current administration is failing to create justice or uphold human rights.  They are so threatened by the groups they hate (Veterans, Oath Keepers, Christians, etc) because those groups actually do stand for justice/human rights.  Do not let them play on Christian sympathies; it is pure manipulation.  They will then turn to the children, as I already predicted because they are helpless in this immigration problem.  However, let us keep in mind that as bus loads of children arrive here exploited, sick, without parents and crawling with lice they would not be in this current condition if our boarders were not suddenly opened.  Everyone is using the children.  They need to return to their families who only sold them up the river due to the open boarders and the chance to catch a ride on the welfare train.  The welfare system will collapse according to their plans and they won’t be any better here then there in the long run.  It is horrible that the government bursts out with Christian language as it suits them, like in the issue of open boarders.  Of course, when it comes to abortion or other issues the government does not like Christians are not allowed to have an expression of their beliefs/faith.  PURE MANIPULATION.



4 thoughts on “Manipulation of Christian Sympathy; Using Churches

  1. I agree, to many are being fooled into thinking they should help the Illegals, they are just patsies to help push the agenda! We can’t save the whole world, especially when we are fighting to keep OUR country together!

  2. I can’t agree enough Fefelove. What really gets to me is the pain for the children and the guilt bestowed falsely on people because no good person wants any child to suffer but we know that it is impossible financially support our country (from whom we get the taxes that fund the government) and financially support people from other countries just as they cross the boarder. There should be accountability so our heartstrings cannot be pulled because of the circumstances and the most vulnerable are being used by the people they trust and love the most which are the ones that are selling them into slavery and also those that are the poor and manipulated who unfortunately are placed over a barrel and have no other option. I know abduction is not an unfamiliar tactic as well. It is so unfair and evil to manipulate the emotions of the good people in (the U.S. an other countries) to further a false agenda and use innocent children to carry out the plan. I want to err on the side of taking care of the children but is seems more beneficial to everyone to just stop the train. Curtail the attraction and supply will cease. It just seems so cold. I wish I could come up with a solution.

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