Extraterrestrial Implants/Abductions

This dream was strange. It was me waking up with a swollen bump on the lower back of my neck.I knew it was an implants, that’s how I perceived it in this dream.I tell someone in the house about it but don’t say what exactly it is.I could feel the pain.Even after I woke up I could feel a slight tingle…and that’s what concerns me.

Here’s what I think,

The abductors put me under some kind of hallucination so that I wouldn’t suspect anything.I think they know that I’ve caught on, so they try a new approach.They put me under some sort of drug that would make me think I’m at home until the swelling on the back of my neck would go down.If this was indeed done by E.Ts, then they surely underestimate me.Their attempts are all obvious.