Dream about Russia/China



I had a dream last night about Russia and China.  It was two scenes only but seemed to last a long while.  The first scene was that Russia and China were testing weather weapons on us because they were planning to use them and our government knew about it but didn’t want to stop it.  The second scene was just about Russia.  Someone was discussing all this secret technology for weapons that Russia has and saying we have absolutely no idea the extent of it.  I saw strange weapons and technology that made no sense at all to me in my dream.  Then I woke up.

Ok I am posting this because it is notably a weird dream.  Maybe this is well known or obvious to other people but I don’t know…..I know it was creepy to me in the dream and I don’t know anything about whatever technology Russia has or doesn’t have.  I always thought of our own government using weather weapons against us but never dreamed about Russia/China using them on us.  I don’t know why I dream some of this stuff because I can’t do anything about it besides report it.  Maybe it makes people plotting to use weapons in secret uncomfortable if we see it coming in advance and can identify it instead of become fooled by it?