Cryptic Dream About America



Last night I had a dream that there was a deadly scorpion, twice the size of me in my room.  It was red, white and blue.  It stung me, despite my efforts to escape it.  My lips and mouth were numb and I was unable to talk and knew I was dying.  Someone came to me and rushed me to the doctor and I didn’t die and everyone was amazed.  I woke up.

Meaning: Scorpions are common in certain areas of Texas and they are not poisonous but they do make your lips numb and hurt like a m+therfu++er (like worse than childbirth, no kidding).  Once I stepped upon one while getting out of the bath and it was one of the worst nights of my life.  I think this scorpion in my dream signifies backbiters/persecution/bad people in the USA (the colors) going after people to try to silence them, take away human rights.  I think it signifies a warning for people speaking out against the NWO, that they are on alert and wanting to move to the next stage with their evil plans.  Obviously I take it as a good sign that I didn’t die in the dream; this is a sign of hope for us that we prevail.  I would think this dream is personal if the scorpion were not colored red, white and blue which to me is an obvious sign it is a symbol of the USA or evil people in the USA.  Since the scorpions do not naturally occur in red, white and blue I think it obviously signified hijackers or people pretending to represent the USA but really they just stole our identity but they are evil nasty bugs that want to kill and harm us.  Scorpions in some societies represent death and rebirth; this dream could signify a death and rebirth of America/the American people; our country is in a lot of pain right now and needs to heal and transform away from those who wish to paralyze us.  In fact, just for the PSYOPS out there complaining about my truth speaking about Obama I will posit in your honor that perhaps the scorpion signifies Obama himself.

Much Love! xx



11 thoughts on “Cryptic Dream About America

  1. Fefe – Do you get a lot of complaints about speaking out against O? If so, mostly an organized effort do you think — or random Sheeple?

    1. Yes indeed. On the other site it was up to 300 negative comments a day from people literally defending Luciferians and Obama. It was PSYOPS. Now they followed me here n sit there leaving strange creepy Obama defenses n explaining how Libertarians n Tea Party folks need to go die in a ditch!!

  2. Wow. I suppose I should not be surprised. I am active on various political blogs and boards and get the occasional (and expected) brainwashed infantile type of insult, but nothing in the “creepy” range. How concerning is this to you?

    1. I believe it is a good sign that we need to keep doing what we are doing, gather more people to do it with us and increase our efforts because it is getting attention and making the NWO angry. Why are they angry? Because we are helping with the infowar and informing people/ exposing evil. I get happy when I see their resistance.

  3. Fefe…A MOST INTERESTING DREAM! Yes, the Scorpion represents Broke Back the Ursuper and his America Hating cohorts that have infiltrated deep into our government. True Americans will stand together and end this crap one way or another. Let us hope there is no violence. But the average Joe has had quite enough. The border situation (probably orchstrated by the Evil Val Jar) is one of the MOST OUTRAGEOUS things that this administration has done- and, as you know- there is quite a long laundry list. I do believe that good will triumph evil. Dumping illiterate, diseased ridden third world people into red states to make them blue. I hope that the elites who are orchestrating this get incurable tuberculosis. We must pray for the safety of our Patriots. Watch out for a Cliven Bundy episode. The Bundy thing was a test. This Border stuff has been planned. You are in the belly of the beast my dear Fefe….be careful and stay well.

  4. Oh Fe.. I would LOVE to read some of the outrageous emails you are getting from the “Progressives” and America Haters. They need to live in cuba or some other third world hell hole and not try and make us into one. Just hear me far lefties: You and your America-hating Libtards will NEVER WIN! WE THE PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS STAND TOGETHER AND THERE ARE FAR , FAR MORE OF US THAN YOU! EVERY SINGLE VET THAT I KNOW LET ME KNOW THAT THEY ARE “OATHKEEPERS” I would just quit if I were you. Nobody want’s violence. Let us HOPE that voter fraud is squelched in Nov 2014 and that we have a Patriot renaissance

  5. I am starting to get pretty pissed; not going to be as silent anymore. What they are doing is committing crime after crime and people are SICK of it.

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