Who are we ?


Thanks to my.beloved friend Fefe love.we have a place were we can express our thoughts without censorship.I Johnny magick.now I will tell you the truth.and teach you yt? Things that are hidden to you. We are all born of the spirit.the holy spirit.we have been lied to.and held back.by our churches.and governments.the meaning of life.is all a mystery.hidden in ones self.our life is an adventure.a school.to were you learn.about ones self.our mistakes help us to learn.they help us to improve.don’t ever regreat your mistakes.or punish yourself for them.that will only hold you back.you could never know love love.if it wasn’t for knowing hate.you could never know happiness.if not for sadness.your life is not defined by the money you make.or how popular you are.or are not.life is about who you are.by the things you lived through.to make you.the person.you are today.life is an adventure.my prediction is.human intelligence.is about to rise above,human…

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