Obama Echoes Hitler: “For the Children”




I warned about this manipulation of emotion that Obama will use to take freedom and it is repeating now as he is announcing that his treasonous act of opening the boarders of the USA is to help the children, read the latest HERE.   Just like his Hitler plan to take guns/destroy the Second Amendment ‘for the children’ he (and the media) have shifted the open boarder immigration issue to be about ‘saving the children.’  If they cared about the children they would try to improve education, medical care and the quality of food in our country.  If they cared about children maybe they would  have a different stance about abortion rather than making that issue about women’s rights; further, if they were anti-racist perhaps they would discuss the idea that the majority of aborted babies are African Americans.  They don’t care about the children. They don’t care about human rights.  They don’t care about ending racism or helping immigrants; they use immigration to promote race division.  Don’t be fooled by this fake sympathy and manipulation.  We have seen this justification before during the reign of Hitler.  This is a RED FLAG warning sign of what is to come if he has success.  Beware of executive orders about guns and immigration ‘for the children’ as it signals the rise of our new tyrant Hitler, Obama.

I made this video a long while ago when I saw his attack on the Second Amendment justified as ‘for the children.’  Now the immigration/open boarder has the same disturbing justification.  Instead, his actions of opening the boarder are exploiting children, not helping them.  Here is my video but it isn’t my utube:



For anyone interested, here is Fefe (age 3) talking about the Second Amendment:

And here is my favorite cat Hornsby (From KTN):

Here is a personal video of me and my kids about the Second Amendment:

Just for fun:



9 thoughts on “Obama Echoes Hitler: “For the Children”

  1. You got it, Fefe. As usual, you are inspired. Look at the murderous rampage that took place in heavily gun-controlled Chicago this past weekend. Do we need any other proof about the insanity of the Liberal gun-control movement? As far as O’Dictator, let’s hope he sinks without a paddle soon (metaphorically, or otherwise.) I cannot believe this man has been allowed to get away with as much as he has gotten away with to date. Not trying to be snarky — but I have to question the sanity and/or baseline common sense of those who voted for him *twice*, when his agenda and character were quite apparent to those who were actually paying attention. We need a heavy dose of clarity of thought to go out to all the remaining Obama-automatons. Our childrens’ future depends on a hefty turnaround. (Loved your video – adorable!…and poignant.)

  2. Fefe Makes really cool videos! This OHole is an ursper. I am POSITIVE OF IT. They have infiltrated us. I simply cannot believe that it is taking so long for WE THE PEOPLE and Congress to stand up to this OBVIOUS COUP de ta!

  3. There are some “whacks” that voted for Bathhouse Boy twice, but I TRULY BELEIEVE THAT THERE WAS MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. These past years are some of the scariest years of my life- having to see my country fall from within….and stand helpless. But, How long do we stand helpless? This government is supposed to be run by WE THE PEOPLE. GOD BLESS ALL WHISTLE BLOWERS AND OATH KEEPERS.

  4. I love your spunk, Trixie. Scary, indeed. Every day of my life I do a reality check after I read the latest complilation of horrific headlines on Drudge. I do not want to get numb to it, yet I hate to feel like Debbie Downer so frequently. It’s a conundrum. I truly believe we need more women to wake up to the facts of this administration and quit falling for their phony Republicans have a “war on women” talking points. Females need to speak loudly against the usurper-in-chief and rally against the totality of his Twilight Zone insanity-agenda.

  5. Thank you Cindy! It is very nice to meet you my fellow Patriot sister. I will never accept tyranny. NEVER! Freedom is something worth dying for. Let us pray this all ends peacefully.

  6. and..for the folks that never thought much of History (my very favourite subject) You are part of it and history is NOW repeating itself. The German’s were fooled by Hitler. I put NOTHING past this current occupation in DC, NOTHING !!!

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