Move to Impeach Obama Over Immigration/Gun Control




I predicted movements to impeach Obama.  I don’t know if these movements will be successful; indeed opening our boarders has created a civil emergency and Obama has committed treason.  I do predict an increase of movements to impeach Obama and more condemnation particularly over his failure to protect the boarders of the USA.  He took an oath, part of it is to secure and protect our boarders.  I see outrage, all sorts of people speaking out against Obama’s failure to protect our boarders and instead opening our boarders.  As they persecute the press trying to cover this issue and try to hide it, this backfires and it gains more attention.  They actually believed they could open our boarders and hide it from everyone but the cat is out of the bag.  There are zillions of impeachable crimes against humanity that Obama has already done.  The plan they have regarding immigration and open boarders will hopefully end in Obama’s impeachment before a civil war breaks out and before he really starts an outright gun confiscation/complete defilement of the Second Amendment.  I think he will play two executive action cards: Immigration and Gun Control.  He will piggy back ride their gun agenda onto the immigration crisis they are creating.



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