Media Wars & Censorship; Robots VS Alternative Media




We are witnessing the decline of mainstream media and the rise of completely controlled mainstream media run by robots who get their talking points directly from the elite men behind the curtain; images of news in North Korea (but worse) come to mind, see HERE.  For the record, the robots are not just going to replace media personalities but also a variety of worker jobs, for example see HERE.   However, this prediction is about a media/info war which is well underway.  I see unjust laws on the horizon as free speech is under attack, see HERE.  The attack on free speech is multi-faceted and includes Hitler’s ‘politically correct speech’ manipulation whereby people like Mrs. Obama try to outlaw words which she considers racist or anti-female like ‘bossy.’  They are attacking/regulating/persecuting and going after ‘alternative media outlets’ every what they can both legally and behind the scenes with PSYOPS.  As the mainstream media is dying their viewership is declined and no one believes them anymore; they are aware their lies are no longer brainwashing americans and they do not control the talking points.  My prediction is an increase of suppression/desire to outright eliminate the right to free speech and free press.  They will try to control the internet even more and suppress any sort of blogs.  On this blog I am even getting all sorts of negative comments that I don’t post from Luciferians, PSYOPS and NWO scumbags.   They hate the alternative media in any way it comes and I predict and increase of bloggers/citizen journalists armed with cameras and exposing every day injustices which are increasing all around us and not being reported by the mainstream media.  These independent journalists are replacing the media and are gaining credibility which is causing the NWO to crack down in their persecution.  The climax is on the horizon.  Will it be executive orders to outlaw free speech?  How bad will it get?  I don’t think their desire to control our media like we are worse than North Korea will in face be successful.  I see a HUGE backlash.  The oppression of human rights is increasing on every front; clearly the right to free speech/free press is something they are trying to eliminate to usher in their tyrannical NWO.  The best way to fight against this is exercise free speech and demand the rights of free press in alternative media.  The fore fathers did not see free press as media controlled robots who are puppeteers of evil propaganda.  Free speech/right to assemble/free press have always been a fundamental historical tool for fighting oppression and an unjust government.  The time to exercise your rights is right now.  Whenever one citizen journalist or alternative media outlet is taken out I predict ten more will rise to take the place of that missing outlet.  They won’t expect the backlash from Americans because they think everyone is a sleeping sheeple but more people are awake, aware of history and courageous than ever right now; the fire has started.


UPDATE: I just read this article HERE about a media rebellion over Obama’s censorship!!! Wow this is already taking off big time.