E.T/UFO sightings increase with clearer/closer photos and possible disclosure.

This dream starts out with me at home.My brother calls me and says ‘i need to speak with you its very important”, which means the dream is important, especially if its him calling me. For some reason I tell him to text me, but I don’t get a text back.

I suddenly see mail in my hand and it has his name on it first, but opened it by accident.The name on the mail changes to my dads whole name combined as a first name and my cousins first name as the surname.I guess it means that’s for me to open.It also had “ufo” on it.

I open the mail and see several photos of E.Ts. They were such close photos. Which tells me that the evidence will be more clear.I look around and I notice mail with the same name everywhere. I now perceive this as “increase”…

I think they are purposely revealing themslves. Also I think the mail represents “disclosure”..





4 thoughts on “E.T/UFO sightings increase with clearer/closer photos and possible disclosure.

    • Actually it wasn’t alarming at all.The alien stuff doesn’t phase me anymore.When they come, is when they come.If there was urgency, I cannot recall.Perhaps the lack of urgency means that its pretty much expected.There will be so much concrete evidence and blatant E.T exposure that people will probably expect disclosure.

  1. I swear I was abducted before.It was during the time my body was going through changes.Like whatever they implanted they were replacing with something that could fit.I can only recall 3 abductions. One time, the abductors were nice enough to show me around their planet.I remember them doing something with my chest and wake up with what I believed to be big rashes on the center of my chest and upper back.Or maybe I was just allergic to the fabric of my clothes.

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