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On Thursday last week, I felt inclined to look up hurricanes and the D.C/Virginia area as it was between Florida and the Carolinas.  Like a bolt of lightning, I knew what was happening somehow.  There were two arcs although the article said they never get even close to D.C. (and it did).

Special attention to the two arcs for the U.S. hurricane, it took the N arc all the any up the coast (sound familiar?).  This hurricane not only stormed D.C. but the entire east coast on July 4th.  It was not intended to hurt people or be catastrophic – just to send a message.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both worked tirelessly with others to form The Constitution.  Once complete, they became rivals and Jefferson defeated Adams to win the presidency.  They did not speak for many years, until old age they once again became great friends.  50 years to the day, they both passed away hours apart on July 4th.  The founding fathers are upset at the lack of compassion towards each other and the system they worked to preserve as well as the lack of brotherly love.

Now, picture number two; there is a hurricane in The Pacific right now and its course may provide *clues* to recent Arcs associated with what’s missing…  Wherever this hurricane goes may shed some light.  I’ve also had very vivid dreams of interacting with and being protected by dolphins during the presence of sharks.  Someone is trying to tell us something, a lot of things…  This is a lot less about the hurricane track and a lot more about the significance of timing and the day it happened – and why that day is important to the fathers.

The article I posted Thursday on a different type social site is here:

FeFe and Janice may be able to confirm this having been posted before the hurricane went all the way up the east coast on the Forth of July – this was the founders day of success as well as their personal death…  Watch the “arc” the Asian hurricane takes for further clues on other matters.


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  1. Ahhh so something did happen on the 4th of July i knew it!. I kept on seeing 11.11 on the clock for days before the 4th of July.. every time i looked at the clock it was 11.11. I thought mmmm something’s goin down,.. Anyway to cut a long story short, i began to see 11.11 on number plates. A few weeks back i was thinking about what spirit was trying to tell me in connection with 11.11, and that day i went to the supermarket to get some things, and as i went through the cash register, the sum total of my purchases came to $17.76. Then it hit me 11.11=4 and then 1776 I went shit!, that’s what their trying to tell me the 4th of July 1776 independence day!. Something was going to happen on the 4th of July.. I wasn’t sure tho weather it was going to happen here, or the US. So there you go. I’m glad the hurricane wasn’t catastrophic, but still, your article Steve and the synchronictic events are amazing!. I also am not sure if it’s over yet either, as I’ve started to see the 11.11 again since yesterday…

    • 9:11 is what I often see.including 3:15 and 7:15.11:11 every know and then.

      As if I know what any of those mean

  2. This is very interesting. I enjoy this site because we often see the same things but from different but congruent perspectives. I like the way your wrote this, your mind is neato. xx

  3. I am very ALARMED at this Mexican border situation. I fear violence is coming soon. That is how wars start, correct? Several skirmishes? This Government is out of control. WTH is CONGRESS DOING!

  4. Hi unified, from what i can gather with the system that spirit is showing me, with numbers dates ect, I can see that they are trying to tell you the following:. 911= terrorist attack. 3.15, 715 = new york (i goggled it) and it came up with some place called Onondaga in new york. and 11.11= November 11th. I’m not positive about the 3.15/7.15 being related to new york, it could also just be a date and time of the July 15th at 3.15am/pm, and the 11.11 could be spirit’s signal to you to pay attention. We’ll have to wait and see..

    • Friends – this is so intriguing! Interpretation truly is best as a communal effort. I am very curious to see what these numbers mean. I used to see 9:11 a lot but it stopped.

  5. yeah Steve, this sort of thing has only just started with me, on the 4th of July date, they showed me with all the synchronicity.. Although, the 11.11 thing I’ve been seeing for a few years. I think a lot of it has too do with the ascension Every soul’s energy vibrates at different numerical sequences as well as octaves and colors.We’re all connected and are all one. It just flows through everything, as everything flows through us,and back again. It’s one continuous cycle of ebb and flow. So seeing these numbers are most defiantly connected to events forthcoming, and i think certain people are seeing these sequences of numbers coz they vibrate to their own souls energy. it’s pinpointing what the event is, and when it will happen is the tricky bit..

  6. Oh fefe thank you for the compliment, i have a different way of looking at things 🙂 I think your mind is brilliant! xox

  7. your very welcome Steve ;0) That’s interesting that it comes before and after sleep, your a beautiful soul, thank you for sharing xx

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