Whistleblower Revolution




This article about a new whistleblower caught my eye today and reminded me of a prediction I made at the start of the year that 2014 will bring about an upcoming wave of whisleblowers in many different areas of government, business, law enforcement, politics, the troops, etc.  Now is the time to come forward with information.  I see many courageous heroes coming forth with all sorts of information which will help bring down the NWO agenda.  The ‘suicide’ murders reflect the desire to suppress these people.  The persecution of whistleblowers and the desire to undermine them is also underway.  Keeping the information private only creates personal danger and many people are realizing now is the time to divulge covert acts of injustice that are undermining human rights worldwide.  Expect more leaks all around, more articles and more interesting individuals.  I think people are now choosing sides more than ever and more people are choosing the good path of freedom.



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