Uproar over People in Cages; Chained Children





The recent photos of the surge of illegal immigrants in the USA has reminded me of a prediction I made a year ago about the rise of caged people and chained children worldwide.  Above I show photos of caged people in the USA, Israel and China.  I find this trend radically disturbing and it is getting world wide attention from human right’s advocates.  I fear this caged/chained trend will get worse before it gets better.  The people in the cages/chained are mostly children and elderly and so many of them are diseased.  It is sad we live in a world that would condone these practices in any way.


9 thoughts on “Uproar over People in Cages; Chained Children

  1. OMG!!!!! That’s, my god that’s, ohhh… i can’t even put it into words, it’s horrendous. i just feel sick.. i can’t believe it’s going on omg….

  2. you know this is not dissimilar to the planet of the apes, where apes conquered man. For the last 4 weeks they’ve been replaying the original planet of the apes movies with rodey McDowell, ( i love the originals) every Friday night. Now they have a new planet of the apes movie out which starts in our cinemas this coming Wednesday.. I’m starting to wonder if this is the NWO’s sign of what’s to come… mmmm yeah, people in cages, Planet of the apes.. . How cunning is that, god their sick.

  3. I understand why, from the shorts i’ve seen, i don’t think i want to see it either, Unlike the old versions where you knew they were in suits and masks, it looks too real now..

  4. Yeah i understand that..I think the old ones (the originals) which were made during the 70’s were good entertainment,, coz you knew they were fake, but the new ones, well their too authentic, and very close to the NWO agenda. I won’t be going to see the new one, i think it would upset me too…

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