Epidemic In Homeless Cats/Dogs Spreading In ‘Developed’ Countries




I mentioned this prediction about a rising epidemic of homeless cats/dogs sweeping subtly access developed countries as the global economy melts.  I first had this thought years ago when I was in Lebanon (Beruit) the first time.  That was five years ago.  All around Lebanon are swarms of homeless cats.  I kept petting them and trying to give them food.  The site of droves of homeless animals is common in ‘third world countries’ and I had a vision that this is coming soon to the USA.  This past winter I read some articles about how they found piles of homeless dead dogs that had frozen across the country in places like parks in the middle of New York City.  Even I noticed a rise of homeless cats in my own neighborhood recently.  I have 5 cats and 1 dog that are all rescues and I encourage people to awaken to this problem in our society.  The animal shelters are overwhelmed right now and this will only get worse as our economy collapses.  The sick part is that when wars break out people will eventually resort to eating many of these animals.  This thought might sound odd but I have heard stories about it happening during the wars in Lebanon and the Middle East as starving war torn people struggled to survive.



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  1. Fee fee, that just tears my heart to bits :(((, It is such a common problem all over the world, even here. ( it’s not that bad yet but as our a-hole prime minister wrecks our economy, then i can see it becoming the same here. I’m an animal lover as you know, and i volunteer at an animal shelter, collecting donations of food and blankets ect for the animals there. It breaks my heart to see them when they are bought in. People just dump them, it’s really heart wrenching. I just give them as much love as i can feed them, and keep them warm during winter. Animals are god’s gift to us, and we trash it. It’s makes my soul ache.. The thought of ppl eating them oh man i just can’t even go there..

    • It must be such a joy to see animals in the shelter where you volunteer, get adopted into loving homes. My cat was adopted from a shelter and he is a wonderful member of the family.

  2. Hi Timmy, the comment above was in reply to fee’s comment not your’s lol, Yes it is a joy to see them go loving homes. It’s also sad because i become very attached to them, but am grateful at the same time knowing they will have a warm bed love affection and food :). Yesterday, i went to the shelter to help out, and (coz it’s our winter here) it was sooo cold cold, and windy, that the new ones that were bought in had no coats or blankets. I went to a $2.00 shop and grabbed a heap of stuff for them, took it back and dressed them all up :0). They were so warm and you could just see that they were sooo grateful by the way they were jumping all over me. I had a tear in my eyes, but they were happy tears :). I’m so happy to hear you adopted your cat from a shelter, i wish more people would be like you. Your cat sounds very loved 🙂

    • I too wish more people would adopt from shelters. There are so many animals who would make great companions for many people.

      My kitty is well loved and spoiled.

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