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I had a dream that I was in a classroom with a class of students and a teacher giving a lecture about mind control.  When I woke up I wrote three pages of notes in my journal that I keep beside my bed.  In my dream I was just a student in the class taking notes.  It reminded me of many colloquiums or lectures I have attended in my life.  I googled this topic, just now as I am writing this, and found a link which I think is good, HERE.

Here are my notes from my journal:

“One of the worst problems facing humanity now and in the future is Mind Control.”

Mind control is about plethora of 1. conditioning methods, 2. environmental factors and the 3. use of technology.  These factors work in harmony to produce an intended outcome like inputing information into a computer, making a program and getting a result.  This is a science that has been developing a long while and has many possible outcomes in the future.  This class is important so that you will be informed and change the outcome away from a sinister path.

Conditioning methods include the following:

+ Emotional manipulation: mainly the use of guilt and fear (media, propaganda)

+ Language manipulation: stealing words/reversing meaning

+ Authority manipulation: tell people what to do, how to think and bombard them with stimuli/reward and they will do as you intend

+ Creating confusion: absurdity/ extremes and the unbelievable; barrier between reality and the mind.  If can’t know reality will believe lies

+ Pavlovian responses/ psychological conditioning methods proven effective in the past; BF Skinner

+ Creating fake tribal patterns/ manipulation of genetic tendencies like replacing family or religion with sports or other types of teams

+Stealing instincts: projecting instincts into something pointless/meaningless

+Subconscious interference (messing up the patterns or communication between the parts of the brain/ between the conscious and subconscious)

+Creation of pointless dreams/ fake unrealistic expectations in media (Ie destruction of heroes.  Your choices are be like Homer Simpson or try to be a princess who is rich and looks like barbie/ can’t ever achieve it)

+Education as part of the computer program/ confusion/ above methods- create brain rot in kids (2+2=5)

+Propaganda of worthlessness: tell people they have no innate worth as individuals

+Promote death


Environmental factors of mind control include:

+ Attacking the brain with chemicals in food/water/environment which destroy the Pineal gland and create subconscious interference, overall brain deterioration so that people are more programable

+Environmental modifications which target brain activity

+Toxins which create general sickness so the body is occupied and the mind isn’t free to develop

+Create poverty so that people operate on survival level not able to develop into the hierarchy of potential

+corrupt art/ the arts so that this higher potential for humanity is destroyed and not elevating but part of the mind control

+Dominate medical systems so that they are part of mind control with their drugs and general promotion of sickness


Technological factors of mind control:

+Use of technology that interferes with brain activity (smart meters, phones….etc).  One good method of interference is promoting anxiety  and interfering with sleep patterns so that they brain/body isn’t in harmony

+Evental use of technology to enslave the masses and gain total mind control dominance: this doesn’t have to happen.  Technology can be liberating/elevating or can be used to enslave depending on if the NWO agenda is stopped


The dream ended with this warning:

“They don’t want us to think for ourselves.  They want to think for us.  This mind control steals our humanity.  You need to understand this program and fight it because if you are awake you won’t succumb.”




One thought on “Dream About Mind Control

  1. Absolutely!, my cousin doesn’t own a TV, she got rid of it when her children were born, to stop the mind manipulation from the PTB. Smart girl my cousin 🙂 The only time the kids get to watch TV is when they visit grandma, and even then they’re restricted to 10mins only. Most of the time my cousin tells her mum to unplug the TV, so the kids can’t watch it. Their a normal family that sits down at the dinner table together every night and talks. Her kids are extremely inelegant with a mind of their own, and are taught to respect others as others would respect them. They have a computer, which their only allowed to do homework projects on. I know it might sound harsh, but i think it’s a brilliant concept to take, as these kids will not be controlled or brainwashed (in that respect) by the PTB.

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