Parking Garage Living


I had a dream that I was walking in my old neighborhood which is actually a residential island.  In the middle part of the island there are condominiums that are surrounded by the houses that are on inlets.  In my dream, there was covered parking under the condo’s and people were living there.  There were mattresses in parking spots, furniture and clothing all over the place and you could barely walk through.  I don’t remember where the cars were but found it odd and initially thought that we had had a hurricane but what kept going through my mind was “is this how bad the economy has gotten?”  I woke up disturbed to say the least.


3 thoughts on “Parking Garage Living

  1. My God I am so speechless and to see a baby lying on the ground with ppl. Just standing there,where is help for them,seems like the shelters are full.

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