La Ley del Mal (The Act of Evil)

True evil for atheists is extremely rare, rather what they truly believed for an act of evil would have to be an action that harms somebody which are then intentional. The intention should be to cause harm by which consciously he is aware of such acts.No matter what, he shall not be influenced by prior psychological trauma or physical condition such as psychiatric illness, but he for a while enjoying for what he does.

But truly it is not for atheists who did evil acts, it is therefore regardless of what caused you to have faith and believe, to what does your creeds, religion and sects influences you. For Hebrews where Jesus on his time has disgraced evil acts, it is my psychic opinion that Hebrews are drowning evil terrorist acts for the last decade and for last quarter of 2014, they will shows some, in continuity of their mission “La Ley del Mal” with the involvement of western, middle and south pacific countries.Below is the picturesque of their movements to spread widely from their central target:

In their acts of evilness, it is by missiles they use to target for invasion. During the last quarter of 2014, this may possibly happen gaining their wisdom of their integral beliefs.

Meanwhile, it is a cross vibration which currently happening in the existence of collaborative evil acts of Russians, China and now in Hongkong, all for evil politics. We all know what Putin and what China threatens its neighboring countries and currently the political vendetta in Hongkong with people flocks on streets.
These i am watching before 2014 ends….