Revival of the Ancient…

I was just thinking about something, and then my mind went deeper and deeper.What if they had this kind of quantum technology that allows them to revive ancient pompei victims back to any condition they were in before they encountered a disaster/demise.Not just pompei victims, what about cavemen, prehistoric creatures/beings, etc…and they didn’t have to clone anything.

My guess is that they would ask the subjects questions about anything in general concerning the ancient past, using some sort of translator/mind reading technology.And maybe even do tests on them, find cures for diseases/illnesses,create advancements, or even integrate them into society.

I believe this time will come, probably get into the wrong hands, eventually, then result in higher beings removing it from human hands.



2 thoughts on “Revival of the Ancient…

  1. For years, Archeaologist have studied the items around these frozen bodies, to study their living habits, and weather and what destroyed them. You should watch the History Channel 2 more often. Very educaitional.

  2. It doesn’t guarantee the information is 100% accurate.

    What is more better than hearing about the culture coming directly from their mouth/mind, listening to the person who experienced it in the flesh?History channel, history books…it’s either the altered truth or completely fabricated lies, in my opinion.

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