Earthlings Invasion: The Unseen Clout

My psychic definition of earthlings is for every living thing that inhabits the earth with no sexism, no racism, or speciesism is considered earthlings. It encompasses like in human being as warm or cold blooded, mammal, vertebrae or in vertebrate, bird, reptiles, amphibians, fish and human alike.



In Paranormal Psychic, this is the ability of one psychic to use the beyond power of energy connectivity of nature and animals consolidated to mankind. Thus, a paranormal psychic can talk to the nature through links and animals too for their interpretation of any existence of the subliminal problem. But these require however too much intensity level coming from an inert energy close of paranormal psychic to accelerate his powers.

Humanity in the 25th century will be invaded by earthlings. While science and technology continuously discovering modernization, this is also carried by earthlings whose rights are counseled by legislations. For instance dogs have provisions to exercise animal rights and welfare, reptiles and other endangered species have also their own rulings. For this century, all rights and welfare will overlapped humanity, the human behavior will be violent like an animal and nature will be dangerously threatens in global warming. It might if it’s snowing, from 25th century and beyond there will be possibility for droplet of fires like in meteorites. It is in a form of ball fire that will come from the sky. The velocity of natures and animals is seemingly becoming unfriendly to human conditions.
Meanwhile, as 25th century approaches, I am seeing increase number of sinkholes to be discovered in all regions of the earth. My psychic views, earthlings from beyond earth will enter through sinkholes and invade earth surface. Their unforeseen power is voluminous to our existence, spreading many new virus kind of diseases, breed new pests, insects and alike…





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