Fake “Doomsday”

I feel that another trick that the world is going end, or that the rapture is coming.This trick will start with a video going viral, becoming popular, and the result being the common masses believing it.Unhappy people trying to convince others of it, etc etc.

Although, this scam might cause discord and chaos in society out of fear.

The panic, fear, and anxiety alone will be the only thing causing any damage.


13 thoughts on “Fake “Doomsday”

  1. Because they are unhappy and unsatisfied with their own lives. Some don’t even really any of it, they just get a kick out of seeing how scared people get when they announce it.

    Attention-hungry people like the attention they get when they announce such things.desperation, you could say.

  2. I was reading some strange stuff about ‘project blue beam’ and the ability of the government to create fake alien invasions or even fake a second coming of Jesus. Sure, there are lots of rumors about some strange stuff…

    • Unified,
      This warning is especially true for people who are sensitive to the emotions of other people. It’s sometimes very hard for some sensitives to differentiate between their emotions, and those of other people. I think it’s due to the sensitives empathetic nature

      • I know…my sensitivity causes me to take on all of these problems that aren’t really my own.And if I have a similar issue, It doubles, triples, quadruples etc. The positive side to all of this is, that it makes you become stronger… and find a solution to the issue, and possibly be able to share your new insight with the person whom you absorbed the emotion/mental state from. It makes you stronger, really. If they are suffering, you are suffering.

        The most common issue that most people in your neighborhood have is bound to plague you! You even take on their deepest insecurity, and it intensifies your own, forcing you to do something about it. The issue reaches a boiling point, to where you could possibly become depressed.

  3. Unified,
    You can become depressed when you’re being bombarded with negative emotions from other people. Does your sensitivity extend to picking up energies in an area or a home? I’ve been to homes/places where the energy was so negative that I couldn’t stay very long.

    • An area, I believe. I’d be in the house all alone and feeling some random persons problems getting mixed up with my own.

      Timmy, I know exactly how you feel. Luckily, I can feel positive vibes, too. It’s really nice.

  4. I sometimes absorb some of my families negative energies. They try to be positive, but their energies can be quite the opposite. I feel super uncomfortable when I’m around them, sometimes.

    It took me some time to differentiate my emotions from theirs. The feelings that come suddenly out of no where, and are almost unexplainable or too intense, for no reason, are usually not my own.

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