Unveiling Curses: A Psychic View

Unveiling is the name for the ceremonial dedication of the headstone at the grave of loved one. The chief purpose of dedicating a headstone is to mark the final resting place of a loved one to honor his or her life and to serve as a focal

point for people’s memories. Accordingly, remembering and honoring the deceased is the main purpose of the unveiling ceremony, which has very few fixed religious requirements.
The ceremony is typically held in the final months of the first year of mourning, before the first yahrzeit (anniversary of the death in the Jewish calendar). However, there is a great deal of flexibility in scheduling an unveiling and since there is
no particular date on which the ceremony must be held, it’s good to find a time when the greatest number of family members will be able to attend, since gathering the mourne
rs in a circle of memory is the chief purpose of the ceremony. Unveilings should not take place on Shabbat.
The unveiling ceremony generally includes a few English or Hebrew readings which can be drawn from traditional sour
ces or from other appropriate sources that were meaningful
to the deceased, including favorite poems or song lyrics. It includes the Memorial Prayer (“El Malei Rachamim”) and Mourner’s Kaddish. It should also include an opportunity
for those present to share memories or reflections should they wish. The service can have an informal tone but should be sufficiently solemn and respectful for the occasion. The
ceremony typically lasts no longer than ten to fifteen minutes
What is then the significance of posting this psychic views? It goes to the vendetta of how 2014 and beyond will ruin every first born child of every family, countries like India, Japan, USA, Philippines, Canada, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan. These countries however shadowed by curses, from its inhabitants to the every living mammals which downfallen to natural calamities, gun related  violence, immoral acts and dominance of inferiors.
To unveil therefore the curses overshadowed then will break its effects to the humanity and environmental lives. Positive energy will lead the people to do better life and achievements, opening from the wall of darkness and doors of evil will everyone freeze from curses…