Divination Mirror

While the great wall of China is mistakenly defending their disputed territory in the West Philippine Sea, Vietnam and Japan echoed their grievances as well against China. My divination mirror clearly shown how its gonna be, the selfish china will make moves to terrorize Philippines and Vietnam. While the question is underway for US of A who they gonna support with, still it is on trembling status if they will have to.

Some appearances in my Divination Mirror do instigate how a moral issue will put into a very shameful situation leading to political mockery of one of the US governor official. However, this country will have a Lady President in the years to come…

In a moment which an act of terrorism silenced vehemently, another shooting incident will happened some part of Boston. This I saw very clearly in my divination mirror…



5 thoughts on “Divination Mirror

  1. I really appreciate that diverse gifts on display here and the numerous different ways information can be realized! From dreams to mirrors, we all have unique ways in which we realize. Interpretation is the difficult part…

    So, a state governor will be shrouded in scandal in your view, or more of like a federal official? Timing on the lady President at all? Thanks!

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