Caution: Increase of Hate Groups, Race Baiting and Hate Crimes



I have made several predictions about this but it is coming true already and still valid.  I was reminded of my predictions just now as I read another repeating article about the KKK spreading leaflets across the USA, see HERE.  I see a worldwide spread of hate groups like Natzis, the KKK and increased hate crimes from all groups.  I also see fanaticism on all religious and racial fronts.  Hate crimes and revenge counter hate crimes.  La Raza and the Black Panthers and groups like those will increase too.  Anyone following my writing knows I am sort of a hippie and find these hate groups of any sort totally unacceptable and I enjoy all religions, races, cultures and orientations.  I had a disturbing dream about heads on sticks but don’t even want to remember this one….the media is race baiting and trying to divide and conquer world wide by exploiting race and religious differences but I only see it catching on with idiotic people (and of course there are lots of individuals who are severely dumbed down).  I have dreams of race riots worse than the 60’s which I predicted two years ago.  I want to give a special warning to the LGBT community because I feel these hate groups have a special axe to grind right now in your direction so please be careful and keep your eyes open.  At the same time there is a counter peace and unity movement which is far more interesting and rooted in Oath Keepers/ people who value human rights.  In my dreams I have seen many outcomes but lately I see a more positive outcome; I think the lovers of humanity and human rights will unite and the haters are the minority despite what the media wants us to think.  Be especially careful of hate crimes in the even of any sort of crisis (big or small).



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