Akasha Records (informationa purposes); Sylvia Browne Prediction


There is a place where all of the sub-conscious minds of the world have access to unexplained knowledge.   This literally works like a big satellite feeding off billions of human signals.  Some call it the Akasha Records; others call it the Great Hall of Records and Wisdom.  This graphic above depicts kind of how I believe this works, of course on the other side of these signals?  Us. Image

I believe the vivid dreamers are especially synched to this Hall.  An unquantifiable amount of universal data, wisdom, secrets, origins, cures, future events, etc. are all stored here for the purpose of fuzing with the correct source at the right moment.



4 thoughts on “Akasha Records (informationa purposes); Sylvia Browne Prediction

  1. Does anyone notice you realize many things at once with gaps inbetween? There may be “bundles” involved with this method as well. There may be a reason we are not sure of. It may be that “bundles” possess enough “energy” to cross over, something along these lines.

    • I think I know what you mean.You catch on to something, but there’re missing links.We fill in the blank parts of the puzzle as we progress through life.Like with dreams, you could get a dream with a number in it.The next dream, you get a word, and then the next one you get a sentence.

      I think deeply into things, but hardly ever have the patience to look into it,which is not good.I admire the fact that you are confident in your ideas enough to post it.deep-thinking.

      • Thanks D! I wish my gift would come in clearer (i.e. dreams), like yours and others do. That clear visual would really help. I also understand the toll dreams can take is hefty, that respect is mutual! By working together, we will always figure out what we’re experiencing more clearly than as individuals. 😉

  2. Yes, helping each other put the pieces together.But steve, not even I fully understand these things, trust me.

    They are mostly always vague.”Clear” definitely isn’t the word to describe them.Sometimes the faces are blacked out.And just like you, I see random people I don’t know, or at least think I don’t know.

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