Human Rights Alert: Child Abuse of Illegals



I have made several predictions about the rise of child abuse worldwide.  This topic disgusts me and breaks my heart more than any other topic.  I wish I didn’t tap into this energy, this dark cloud of suffering, this radio frequency of pain.  Human Rights advocates need to respond to a silent crisis which is very terrible with the influx of illegals into the USA due to our suddenly open boarders; read about how people are selling or renting their children with regards to illegals here.  Basically, these children are being used and rented or bought like child prostitutes and are being abused  in increasing numbers.  Some children are being abandoned or sent in as part of human trafficking.  Perverts/elites/satanists who want a source of children are using these children as well.  Has anyone noticed the photos of the children in the holding cages at the boarders?  The children are the ones who are the most sick, starving, abused and suffering.  I hope my warning is heeded by a variety of human rights advocates who help these children ASAP.  We need to cease this open boarder immediately for so many reasons, one important one is the side effect of these suffering and abused children which are victims of an asinine open-boarder nightmare.