Futuristic Interactive Bio-Techno Clothing and Video Games




Dreams about Technology in the Future:

Mike Ash sent me an email which reminded me of an old prediction I made and then I dreamed about it again last night.  Here is a link about some clothing developments already happening, which include in clothes which interact with technology based on a button which is activated from one’s iphone.  In my dreams I have seen clothing which is somehow connected to our biology but is also technology; it is operated by our minds.  The clothing has several functions: medical, aesthetic, protective, teaching, movement, interacting with environment/people….etc.  There are different forms of the clothing also; some of them grow from a sort of spread like peanut butter or latex which you put on your skin and then it changes and mutates to serve its function as it interacts with your mind.  This spread type is one of the later developments of clothing because by then it is able to grow and change in a way that mixed biological/technological things cannot grow now (like growing houses from seeds).  The interactive clothing that is out now is just the first step.  There will be developments of hybrid fabrics with mico micro mini computer components which interact with computer components inside a person first.  I think the first computer components to go inside people will be in the guise of medical assistance (to aid/treat/cure medical issues) and for trendies/teens who take pills which pass through the body and contain chips but have to be taken several times a day to remain circulating; perhaps these interact with video games in a new way.  They want to link computer components to banking, spying, healthcare which is just a way of dominating through technology and not helpful to liberate people through technology (nothing from bankers will ever be good/healthy, even Jesus got mad at the money-changers/bankers).

I have had several dreams about video games in the future.  I actually hate most video games and find them totally disgusting and corruptive of the minds of most people who play them.  They have been used to put violent creepy images into people’s minds and they are not healthy today.  However, in the future violent images will be rejected in media/video games/movies….etc.  Violent images are toxic on a soul level and bring about sickness.  Anyway, video games in the future will be mainly used for healing/medical purposes and education.  They will be interactive in a haptic way that is profound and stimulates the senses and seems real.  For medical purposes video games will be very healing mentally and will even help people heal physically through a new type of medicine which interacts with the body/computers in a new way.  For educational purposes it will also help us to understand and experience historical events in a new way through the senses like eye witnesses but also through interacting with our biology/technology we will absorb the knowledge and it becomes a part of us in a way not experienced before.



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  1. Fefelove. I have seen this on a documentary on History Channel. A man is experimenting with his brain waves connected to a robot, and his thoughts make it move. He is trying to help those who have lost all control of their body, due to accidents or war injuries. It was interesting and scary, because it reminded me of the 3rd Movie of Terminator

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