Cry of July

The Philippines will encounter more crises as the month of July entered. There will chances that during this month Philippine President will begin to received charges against his administration or could be facing impeachment trial to start within.

It will also be very violent for weather in the Eastern Part and Mindanao region, scary high tides to tsunami is most likely possible. Earthquake is also threatening over Luzon areas of this country and prices will continuously goes up with uncontrollable fuel price rises..

Alarming for this month is the dropping of US interrogation with Iraq crises, ISIS will have its contingent, numerous casualties overseen. However, this country will overshadowed by a mythical fight like civil disobedience for their sovereignty.

Kudos to Canadian People, a region within will experience earthquake before the cry of July lasted it’s tears  dripping. Restructuring of labor laws will cause huge problem to investors and employers…