A Female Ice-Skater Who Transforms the Sport



I was an international/national competitive ice-skater when I grew up and then was a coach for many years.  I know, I had 9 concussions and broke my tail bone five times and my jaw once.  Only the insane love ice-skating.  The above photo is my favorite student; my mini-me.  I had a dream about the future of ice-skating and posted it on knowthenext but want to remind everyone of it here.  I see a girl who wins the olympics; she invents at least one move which is a fusion of yoga and ice-skating.  She creates a program which opens ice-skating up so that poor talented kids have a chance to compete internationally.  She develops off ice skating yoga and she also has a facility for practicing moves on a synthetic ice carpet which isn’t the one they have now but she helps perfect into something much more like ice.  That is my favorite student again below:IMG_0634



She was in my dream again last night.  Specifically she incorporates yoga poses into a lot of transitions between moves.  She likes yoga binding.  Also she extends a lot of skating moves into yoga positions.  Last night her music sounded like futuristic Ravi Shankar and she had another breakthrough where she incorporated fusion tribal belly dancing into her program as well.  It was very interesting and beautiful like a yoga skating Rachael Brice.  If you haven’t seen Rachael Brice (belly dancer) she is worth is, unique in her own genre:

rachel brice

Increasing Police Brutality: Women, Elderly, Handicapped, Kids BEWARE




I mentioned this two years ago but it is still valid.  There is a continuing increase in increasing police brutality worldwide, especially in the USA.  The targets are women, elderly, handicapped, kids and teens.  You will continue to see daily reports on more and more insane police violence.  Be especially careful of the chance that you can be a victim if you protest.  I am not saying not to protest but to be vigilant when you exercise your God given rights you will encounter a very evil force that is empowered by this terrible system which will not make them accountable.  At the same time this is also increasing the heroic Oath Keepers as the good people are horrified by police violence against innocent.  I see this police violence as actually empowering and invigorating the Oath Keepers among the police.  Truly there are so many wonderful police and most are potential heroes while only a small minority are these vomitus beasts.


Homeland Security: America’s Standing Army Will Be Violent

homeland security



Homeland security has become a threatening force against citizens as it is an illegal standing army for the NWO.  Let us call it what it really is.  Further, I see in my visions that they plan violence against the American people.  They will increase in violence and horrific acts of injustice.  You will see more headlines, if they are reported until there is a climax and everyone sees them for what they really are; Welcome to the Post-Modern Natzi Homeland Security Standing Army.  They don’t help Americans.  They molest and harass and enforce evil agendas.  The boarders are wide open right now and they usher sick, homeless, unskilled, violent cartel members into our country while pretending to stop terrorists in my underwear at the airport, as if Al-CIA-DA hides in my panties.





More Anti-Hoarding Laws/Confiscation; Need to Prepare




This is a friendly reminder of my warnings about more anti-hoarding legislation and future food/goods confiscations.  I think anyone who has even the slightest sense about them feels the need to gather supplies in anticipation of upcoming problems.  They will continue to increase legislation and regulation about hoarding of food and ammo s in an attempt to make everyone dependent so they can control during a crisis.  They fantasize door to door confiscations and have test run this during hurricanes and other disasters.  Today is the day to start preparing if you didn’t do this already.  Food prices will only rise from here; shortages are pending; economic collapse is pending; war is pending.  My advice is start with huge bags of rice and powdered milk.  I don’t mean to scare anyone but just read the news, each day it is more insane and will increase in insanity from now.  Power is being prepared and having knowledge.  Take the power which is yours.




NWO Fixation With Eating Toilet Contents!





I warned about this on Knowthenext and I see it in the news again recently, HERE.  I have had dreams about this and googled to find all kinds of articles about technology geared to make people eat/drink recycled toilet contents as some kind of disgusting ‘green movement.’  I wonder, is there nothing that American’s won’t get guilted into accepting under the guise of a ‘green movement’?  I suggest you research these disgusting developments and organize rejection movements.  It is like some kind of macabre, gross and unacceptable movement from the NWO (pun intended).  If people complain they say its a conspiracy but it needs to be an immediate conversation that is rejected before they usher this one out upon us.  I don’t even see people really conversing that much about it.  This is simply not the answer or solution to their fake created problems.  It’s like an ultimate Satanic trick upon humanity.  I feel they want us to eat these things, along with adding dead baby additives into sodas and make up and other products as part of their disturbing agenda and it is so unbelievable.   Roman Catholics have been organizing rejections of the fetal tissue into our cosmetics and food and are largely dismissed as hallucinating these additives.  I have written about this on other blogs for years.  I encourage research into the Pepsi company.  I suppose they have scripted that the slave class will gladly eat toilet contents and dead baby materials.  I expect more headlines about this until finally whistleblowers and protesters terminate this agenda.  It is really gross we live in an age where this would be allowed to persist and the conversation would be suppressed.  Really?







Rise in Eating Disorders; Older People and Men With Eating Disorders



I just awoke from a dream where I was shown a sharp rise in eating disorders.  I googled it when I woke up and saw articles from 2012 to 2014 saying that eating disorders are, in fact on the rise.  In my dream I saw not only younger people but older and older people with eating disorders; male and female. Read HERE about eating disorders and please don’t have a blind eye to people in your life who suffer from this.  People who experience eating disorders are experts at hiding them and lying about food consumption.  You won’t be able to reason them into eating.  Further, not everyone with anorexia is super skinny.  This dream is close to my heart so I am going to reveal some personal information that I hope helps some people who have this problem.  I am sure there are many causes, and everyone is different, but many of the patterns are the same.  See the above photo of me from about 6 years ago.  I was 30 in this photo and weighed 112 and am 5’8.  I wore a size 0 at this time and still believed I needed to lose weight.  I was very unhappy due to some unresolved negative experiences including an abusive marriage and some thing that had happened to my baby at that time.  Some things in life, especially things happening to your children, are nearly impossible to get over.  Anyone who was ever in ballet, dancing, modeling, ice-skating or some kind of sport where your body is important is exposed to a constant critique of your body as well as well as suppression of pain.  Anyone who is harassed as a kid can easily develop body issues which linger as an adult.  Obesity is on the rise too which is another kind of eating disorder where, if it isn’t simply caused by chemistry, food is used as comfort, escape and addiction.  Drunkorexia is a newer form of anorexia which has to be the least healthy but I am sure is the more common problem for older women with eating disorders.  Online communities provide support groups and diet ideas and provide encouragement for eating disorders as if they are good.  Online pro-ana or thinspo communities normalize eating disorders.  For me, mine was about saying no to life and the things that happened in my life that I couldn’t fix and couldn’t control.  I had a death wish and not enough courage to really actively do something about that so I was fading away.  I picked the name Fefelove because it was getting pregnant with Sophia (Fefe) that really saved my life at this time.  Love for her pulled me out of this and forced me to have to eat so I didn’t lose my baby.  Once you have had an eating disorder it is easy to have the same haunting pattern of thoughts.  I want to say I have noticed that many intelligent people have a complete lack of understanding with regard to eating disorders.  For example, even now I have a hard time thinking I look good, even though I am still thin (just not as thin as the photo above which was sick really) and I always think I need to lose weight (even in the above photo).  I have a very special friend whom I am not going to name here but he is known for being good looking and is radically intelligent and one day maybe six months ago when I was in a self-hating mood one evening at bedtime he texted me, “Just stop thinking about it and go to sleep.  You know you are beautiful.”  Sometimes sleep is the best remedy, he was right….however my response to him was this: “Goodnight, you are right about going to sleep and thank you but no I don’t know I am beautiful, obviously you don’t understand part of the problem of anorexia.”  In one moment such a compliment from him made me feel good but in the next moment that made me think that his expectation of me is that I need to make my body more perfect.  Thus, even compliments almost seem to create layers of expectations which one fails to live up to (in a sick way).  People with eating disorders are very strong minded and disciplined and love to make all sorts of rules to follow about food.  Another problem with our age is that there are so many toxins in our food it is very easy to fall into sets of rules which become quite narrow but justified out of health concerns.  Another friend of mine said to me once “just pray it away,” as if anorexia is a demon that you can just cast out.  Actually he meant to pray for healing which he thought would help, and it does, but it is nearly impossible to sort through the layers of an eating disorder on your own.  My advice is to listen carefully to the words people around you say.  If you love someone and think they are so beautiful don’t assume that they are vain about themselves.  In fact, beautiful people are often treated like garbage: people of the same sex hate them and people sexually attracted to them either fear them and avoid them, want to dominate and abuse them or want to use them somehow.  I have always had an issue because people like to assume that I am stupid because barbie dolls big boobed blonds are so dumb; I must be like Chrissy on ‘Three’s Company.”  I actually spent my younger life covering up everything in long baggy shirts, very self conscious and not wanting anyone to stare at me.  I purposefully put my hair in a bun and look a bit frumpy to avoid being treated nasty or stared at and so that people might not assume I am stupid.  Every time a semester starts I have students, who have never seen me, who tell me I need to leave the room and I can’t use the computer in the front of the room because it is for their professor.  Then, for whatever reason they are terrified of me for the first several classes until they realize that I have some kind of mismatch between my outer facade and inner self.  People also always assume that I must be snobby, self absorbed and a cold, vain intellectual.   I am an academic but I am a complete nerd child who never takes herself very seriously and is the first one to laugh at my own failures, which are perpetual.  I am lucky with regard to my eating disorder because my love for my kids pulled me out from that sad and sick place for the most part.  I did have a miscarriage and some more terrible things happen over the past few years and it is easy to regress into bad habits but I look at, especially Fefe’s face and her sheer love that she has inside of her and I think the love inside me healed the deepest wounds.  I think people with recovered eating disorders are kind of like recovering alcoholics and they have to admit they will always have a problem and have to be vigilant not to fall into a former pattern of behavior and thinking.  Eating disorders are worse than alcoholism because you can avoid alcohol but cannot avoid the subject of food or the appearance of yourself in the mirror.  I am seeing a rise in eating disorders of people 30-40 (some with kids), in my dream as well as the normal group of teenagers and college students.  In my dream I was even seeing older women and a lot more men in all age groups.  People tend to think eating disorders largely effect women but I am seeing an explosion of men who are even more misunderstood and need help with eating disorders.  Maybe part of the cause of eating disorders is that the media tells everyone we should be guilty and that we are worthless and so many of the shows/movies include these perfect plastic good looking rich people with exciting lives that make your life seem pathetic in comparison and your looks seem hopelessly imperfect.  Perhaps another leading problem are the models who are supposed to define sexuality and beauty but have impossible figures.  I had some friends that were models and they were all on coke.  There most likely isn’t a woman alive who watches the Victoria Secret Fashion show and doesn’t depressingly plunge into her ice-cream or chocolate bar.  Humility is a good thing, yet it is important to have self acceptance and self love and not self hatred.  Self hatred, guilt and inability to change the past are very difficult issues to overcome.  Love conquers these problems, the love inside you.  Often people with these issues believe that another person, like a lover, is the solution.  I propose we don’t need another person to complete ourself (as I keep saying) and relationships often complicate or add to pain/issues.  In fact, if love isn’t realized inside yourself for yourself, perhaps relationships will easily incorporate your issues into them and become toxic.  I hope this warning helps boost awareness of this growing problem and some people who fumble upon my personal story I told  here might have a better understanding of someone in their life with these issues.  There are loads of songs about eating disorders also, in fact support communities make playlists.  Here is my favorite one:



Here is another one I really like:


And this one:

The Liberation of the Middle East


About two nights ago, I had a vision about the 2020’s. I’ve had these visions before, but this was one more intense than previous insights into this promised future. On this particular night, I had a vision about how cultural norms are going to change in most parts of the world. The west will see sharp divisions between prehistoric barbaric engagement and beautiful flourishings of social progress. If you want to know where these will specifically happen, I will share those at another time. Until then, I wanted to mention that the most stunning and drastic progressions forward for humanity will occur, ironically, in the modern Middle East.

After the fall of Iran and Iraq in late 2016, a two year bloody war will see nine million men and women dead in its midst. Wanting to shed behind the sorrow, suffering and pain of the past, the people of nations in the entire region will seek escape in radical liberalism that will make the culture of our time in the west seem tame in comparison. It will be a Muslim form of the renaissance.

Women will shed and sometimes burn their burqas in protest of their treatment under sharia law. They will be sexually promiscuous, having as many as ninety partners over the course of their lifetimes. They will be the most highly educated women in the world, especially after Malala Yousafzai’s successful return to Pakistan in 2018.

On the flip side, men will become more openly gay and bisexual with the long hidden secrets of sexual infidelity shed away in favor of more open relationships. While masculinity will still be a valued trait, men will be more open about their feelings, show more compassion to their fellow man and bring more generosity to nation’s suffering in need.

From darkness shall come light. Though the rebellions against their elders will take extreme hold at times for the forty million plus millennials in this part of the world, there will also be moderations put in place to keep these extremes in check. That is what the future will be like for nations in such poverty and pain at this current time.

War on Food/Water/Knowledge



I had a dream last night which was a warning about food/water  shortages and knowledge manipulation.  In my dream Sinead O’Conner’s song ‘Famine’ was playing.  I will include it below.  I was watching a documentary about the so called “Irish Potato Famine” which wasn’t really a famine just the elites in England shipping the food off to England and controlling the education of the Irish in order to destroy their culture and impoverish them.  Someone explained that this same pattern of controlling the food/water and making some kind of shortage or unavailability is about to happen worldwide, worse in some areas than others.  This person explained what happened in Ireland with the fake famine will happen here (The USA) and worldwide in many places, spreading from one place to another.  The food prices will be insane and some areas will not have food at all.  They will use this time to control the knowledge of what is going on and when they control the food/water they control everything; They have done this before and they had a small taste of success in Ireland and that was like a test run for what is about to happen.  They always repeat their same manipulations of society because they are effective sciences they have created.  Their programs for control have been proven though time and they control education to keep the real story hidden.  Food riots, food revolutions….




Nightmare About the Middle East/ Israel




I had a very bad nightmare last night about the Middle East. I was looking at photos and scenes with narration and it was very disturbing.  At first I was holding this Arabic calligraphy necklace I wear everyday and I saw the bombing of the store where I bought it and the death of the man who died (this already happened in Beruit, Lebanon this past year).  Someone was screaming for us to get out family out of Beruit and there were car bombs everywhere and fires.  Someone said “Sham changes forever” and I saw the words “terror” and “fear” in arabic.  If you don’t know Sham is an old Arabic word for the old united area of Syria/Lebanon/Jordan/Palestine.  In my dream masked people were changing Sham somehow.  I don’t know if they were trying to restore it to Sham or what exactly but there were bodies everywhere, Christian and Muslim, women and children and many men.  There were piles of bodies and people mourning and they were collecting them near or in Mosques mostly.   I saw beautiful buildings, soulks, museums, shops, fancy places to eat….all ransacked and bombed.  Some people were running toward mountains and trying to hide.  There was some kind of mass murder that was very upsetting and they were going from town to town, city to city, nation to nation.  Then I saw Israel and some sort of extermination geared at the Zionists complete with what I thought was a nuke.  There was a lot of blood in my dream and looking at the scenes I felt like I was choking sometimes.  I saw people jumping from a big pretty building like a castle in, I think Saudi (I have had this image in my dreams before).  Someone said “Israel and the Middle East has not seen something like this before, everything changes forever.”  Everything was very war torn looking and then I woke up and was still sad and disturbed by such violent, bloody destructive images in my mind.

Three False Flag Terror Warnings; Rebellion





1. A False Flag for Houston? Janice sent information to me about an alert for Houston during the Fourth of July holiday on my email.  I didn’t dream about this specifically but have had a fear of a variety of possible false flag events happening in Texas.  I don’t want to discuss my worst of the fears because I don’t want to give anyone ideas.  Anyway I looked into this and it appears there was in fact a Craig’s list add for crisis actors for an planned terror drill against a ‘Fort Hood Style’ terror event, see here.  We all know that this is the NWO plan to execute these false flags then try to take guns, blame veterans and cause fear.  They always plan these terror drills and hire crisis actors around their false flag events like Sandy Hook and others.  Interesting this drill is taking place just after they totally opened the boarders and are trying to cover up the sudden openings they created to propogate their fake terrorism within the United States so that they can stage events, blame patriots they will say linked with terrorists (total lies) so they can offer their NWO freedom usurping answers.  I was at a popular local mall six months ago and there was a sudden terror drill at the mall which I thought was fishy and perhaps a sign of some planned false flag.  I am putting this out there, hoping no false flags happen on this Fourth of July time period.  It is possible this plot might get too much publicity and they will have to re-plan it at another time more covertly due to their whistleblowers.  Anyone with information about these kinds of drills or calls for crisis actors needs to spread the word of it because that foils their false flags.  Sometimes they cannot execute their false flag evil plans because they are made public; also, we can make them responsible after they do execute their false flags so their agenda doesn’t reach the intended goals.  I hope their future events turn on them and end up with massive peaceful demonstrations, non-violent Constitutional rebellions, peaceful protests, peaceful resistance movements and peaceful protests of all sorts.  I have seen a rebellion coming which involves these things, as  warned by Louisiana Governor Jindal in an article linked on Drudge today, here.   Over the past several weeks Obama, Graham, Feinstein, Rubio and Cheney, among others keep announcing there will be nukes in a big city from ISIS.   I am not sure where the false flag trauma might begin but I am certain it will be a major city, during a planned drill with hired crisis actors (the common pattern) and it will backfire on them in massive protests because people have had enough of their evil garbage which causes unnecessary loss of life and then strips our rights illegally according to their NWO plans.

2. Weather War coming soon: the ultimate False Flag government sponsored terror.  I saw this article linked again today on Drudge, here.  Obama, as if he is a weather psychic, is announcing a terrible hurricane season due to ‘global warming.’  Well, I think people are onto the idea of weather war and they are awakening to the global warming hoax.  So, they think now is the time to try to ‘prove’ that global warming is read based on causing hurricanes with their weather weapons which, of course they will deny and say is ‘an act of God.  Everyday now is a new article about scientists and whistleblowers fighting to expose their fake global warming freedom stealing/regulation agenda, like this one here.  Bill Gates and his gangsters must be very upset that the billions they spent to create their fake science global warming is unraveling.  Makes sense that Bill Gates would come up with the idea of using the weather weapons he paid so much to help develop to perfection so that governments can control and steer hurricanes as weapons of war and blame it on ‘God.’  These elites like to play they are gods.  They like to be the gods of the weather, the food supply, money, supplies, sickness, health, water, science, technology and the environment.  I smell desperation and false flags whereby they unite several of their scams like weather war+global warming= one great false flag=destroy the Constitution/NWO.   There is a pattern here and I am sorry if I am not explaining it well but I will keep coming back to these themes.

3. Is the open boarder and influx of poor people some kind of false flag in itself?  I mentioned it in conjunction to letting in their fake terrorists and blaming patriots and then confiscating guns and uniting countries into one NWO.  Yet, I get the feeling there is something I have missed about the overall significants of this amazing historical influx of people into our country.  I can’t put my finger on it but something else, something sinister is here.  I feel they have many things planned with regard to this new development.

In conclusion, as I mentioned above in #1, rebellion is on the horizon.  More leaders will join those who have already made public statements.  I still see a movement to impeach Obama (as is already happening) and a schism in the elites as they fight over how to keep/gain control and execute their plans and whom ultimately will be in charge if their plans succeed.  I see a lot of double-crossing.  It is interesting to me the mainstream media is turning on Obama.  Perhaps they used him and want to discard him or will throw him under the bus somehow.  I really don’t know if their impeachment will succeed because, in my opinion, he has done so many crimes against humanity.

Proposed solution: Our puppet politicians and their Elitist NWO puppet masters and all their associates should be rounded up, put on trial and found guilty for their crimes against humanity.  As a punishment, they should sent to the Gulags of North Korea.  While they are on the boat to North Korea they should be fed a constant diet of Michielle Obama’s lunch food for schoolchildren that is made by the same companies that make food for prisoners but they seem to give the seconds from that program for the kids.  Its so healthy and yummy and ‘natural’!  Meanwhile in the boat perhaps they can be conditioned to think that 2+2=5 and get to pass their own common core tests.  Perhaps they would enjoy 200 of their own vaccines a day.  Maybe they would like to drink up on the flouride.  The Gulags are loving too, they will adore them.  Of course they can’t have security, rights and especially not guns as they enjoy their voyage to North Korea and their stay in the Gulags.  If one of them accidentally has a piece of food that looks like a gun they will get a special punishment in the Gulag!  The government will take care of them.  We can call this program “Operation Justice, Freedom and LOVE.”  Wouldn’t they would love that?  Its loving.  If they hate it, well they are racist.   Do they have some kind of inner hatred for North Koreans?  We can ban their hate speech against North Koreas in the Gulags because they terrify everyone with their weird conspiracy ideas!