World Wide Riots/Protests/Activism



Several economists and political commentators have recently warned that they predict world wide riots in the near future.  I have posted this before (two years ago?) but want to say, here it comes.  I have felt a growing anger as people awaken worldwide to realize that the elitist bankers have executed the same destructive agenda in country after country.  The Tea Party has become an archetype of the same kind of organizations sprouting up everywhere against tyranny.  The Constitution has also become an archetype of the God given human rights that all people in the world demand.  I think this is a giant backlash against the NWO.  As a result they are quickening their plans, including the world wide economic collapse.  They see they are losing and hate these protests/riots.  I see huge protests and riots in waves; I will call it a worldwide anti-NWO human spring.  I anticipate this will be interesting to watch, for sure.  In my dreams I hear chanting and feel the anger that also tastes like freedom; the dreams are hopeful because unity/love is the strength we have in mass despite our many differences (differences are beautiful).  I think there will be some episodes which are very notable resistance/protests/riots and also there will be waves which spread.  I think people will get very aggressive and I encourage non-violent resistance because the NWO is itching to drag out martial law everywhere and wants wars.  Now is the time to unite together in one vision of human rights and imagine a future that benefits worldwide humanity, not .02% of humanity.




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