USA:Reformed Ancient Greece

I feel that our society may become a new reformed Greece, along with possibly the UK and other nations, as well.


It all started with my past life  appearing in my dream.I felt strongly that it’s greece, after listening to ancient greek music and my strong interest in greek mythology since i was a child.Even viewing greek architect and paintings/drawings made me wanna jump into them .The sound of “Greece” has this pure,elegant, and righteous feel to it and I see the image of a male statue pop into my head.His fist is under his chin, as if he’s posing, and he’s sitting on something.But the question was, “Why all of the sudden”?


As an author on here stated, he said a reformed greek senate is possible.I’ve been seeing a lot of things greek related, and the number “15”.I feel that be may true, but not just that,  some sort of “neo-greece” era. Changes in the way we dress, going back to wearing sheets as clothing,etc. I already see men wearing skirts,which will probably slowly transition to togas. and women wearing those toga-like clothing, along with a head bands around their heads.This is a good feel to me…now if it was ROMAN times coming back…ehh…remember “Caligula”?We don’t want that.

They won’t look exactly like this, but reformed, i believe.Black leather togas and some other styles.I’m up for the togas, but in my own way, except I might wear pants or boxers under mine…don’t want my “junk” hangin.Not ready to get that free, yet.


15 thoughts on “USA:Reformed Ancient Greece

  1. They will most likely have things to wear under their toga-like clothing for the cold seasons.Anything is possible.

    1. Maybe you can market something like underarmor….undertoga…..togathongs…..
      you know back in the day they were colorful but the dye they used in their art wore off over time leaving people to think that they all wore white…..

  2. This is something that may take place, slowly. It’s not “all at once”.It’s gradual, i believe.

  3. If that would be the case, then this new era will only be good “culture wise”, but bad in terms of the government.How could I have forgot to mention this.

    The only thing that felt good was the culture.

    Between, do you know who I am?

  4. Interesting.

    but I noticed I seem more fixated on the culture rather than focusing on the idea of a reformed government, that’ll most likely still be rigid and corrupt.

    1. Haha.

      Honestly, I could sit in heat without complaining, sweat all the toxins in my skin.That’s how i see it.

  5. Nothin much steve, but figuring out what I want to do in life.

    so how are you?

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